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qm::test::classes::tet_stream::TETStream Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for qm::test::classes::tet_stream::TETStream:

qm::test::file_result_stream::FileResultStream qm::test::result_stream::ResultStream qm::extension::Extension

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Detailed Description

A 'TETStream' formats results as a TET journal.

Provides special handling for 'DejaGNUTest' results.

TET: http://tetworks.opengroup.org/
TET journal format: see appendix C and D of

For the meaning of TET result codes, we use as guidelines the LSB
test faq, question Q1.11:
    * PASS - a test result belonging to this group is considered to
      be a pass for compliance testing purposes:
          o Pass - the test has been executed correctly and to
            completion without any kind of problem
          o Warning - the functionality is acceptable, but you
            should be aware that later revisions of the relevant
            standards or specification may change the requirements
            in this area.
          o FIP - additional information is provided which needs to
            be checked manually.
          o Unsupported - an optional feature is not available or
            not supported in the implementation under test.
          o Not in Use - some tests may not be required in certain
            test modes or when an interface can be implemented by a
            macro or function and there are two versions of the test
            only one is used.
          o Untested - no test written to check a particular feature
            or an optional facility needed to perform a test is not
            available on the system.
      [There are also "notimp" and "unapproved" cases mentioned in
      the LSB-FHS README, but they are otherwise undocumented, and
      don't correspond to any DejaGNU or QMTest outcomes anyway.]
    * FAIL - a test result belonging to this group is considered to
      be a fail for compliance testing purposes (unless the failure
      has been waived by an agreed Problem Report in the
      Certification Problem Reporting database):
          o Fail - the interface did not behave as expected.
          o Uninitiated - the particular test in question did not
            start to execute.
          o Unresolved - the test started but did not reach the
            point where the test was able to report success or
          o Unreported - a major error occurred during the testset
            execution.  (The TET manual calls this NORESULT.)
(From http://www.linuxbase.org/test/lsb-runtime-test-faq.html )

DejaGNU test results are described as:
    * PASS - A test has succeeded.
    * FAIL - A test has produced the bug it was intended to
    * WARNING - Declares detection of a minor error in the test case
      itself.  Use WARNING rather than ERROR for cases (such as
      communication failure to be followed by a retry) where the
      test case can recover from the error.  Note that sufficient
      warnings will cause a test to go from PASS/FAIL to
    * ERROR - Declares a severe error in the testing framework
      itself.  An ERROR also causes a test to go from PASS/FAIL to
    * UNRESOLVED - A test produced indeterminate results.  Usually,
      this means the test executed in an unexpected fashion; this
      outcome requires that a human being go over results, to
      determine if the test should have passed or failed.  This
      message is also used for any test that requires human
      intervention because it is beyond the abilities of the testing
      framework.  Any unresolved test should be resolved to PASS or
      FAIL before a test run can be considered finished.

          - a test's execution is interrupted
          - a test does not produce a clear result (because of
            WARNING or ERROR messages)
          - a test depends on a previous test case which failed
    * UNTESTED - a test case that isn't run for some technical
      reason.  (E.g., a dummy test created as a placeholder for a
      test that is not yet written.)
    * UNSUPPORTED - Declares that a test case depends on some
      facility that does not exist in the testing environment; the
      test is simply meaningless.
(From a combination of DejaGNU manual sections "Core Internal
Procedures", "C Unit Testing API", and "A POSIX conforming test

Definition at line 31 of file tet_stream.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getattr__
def __init__
def MakeDomDocument
def MakeDomElement
def Summarize
def Write
def WriteAllAnnotations
def WriteAnnotation
def WriteResult

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list arguments
tuple FAIL = (1, "FAIL")
tuple FIP = (102, "FIP")
string kind = "result_stream"
tuple NOTINUSE = (3, "NOTINUSE")
tuple PASS = (0, "PASS")
tuple UNTESTED = (5, "UNTESTED")
tuple WARNING = (101, "WARNING")

Private Member Functions

def _ExtractTime
def _IsDejaGNUResult
def _TETFormatTime
def _WriteDejaGNUResult
def _WriteInitialStuff
def _WriteLine
def _WriteResourceResult
def _WriteResultAnnotations
def _WriteTCStart
def _WriteTestResult

Private Attributes


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