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qm::test::file_database::ExtensionDatabase Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for qm::test::file_database::ExtensionDatabase:

qm::test::file_database::FileDatabase qm::test::database::Database qm::extension::Extension qm::test::classes::xml_database::XMLDatabase

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Detailed Description

An 'ExtensionFileDatabase' is a 'FileDatabase' where each kind of
entity (test, suite, resource) has a particular extension.  For
examples, if tests have the extension '.qmt', then all files ending
with '.qmt' are considered tests.  If an extension for a particular
kind of entity is not specified is the empty string, then all files
will be considered to be that kind of entity.

'ExtensionDatabase' is an abstract class.

Definition at line 423 of file file_database.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getattr__
def __init__
def __init__
def ExpandIds
def GetAttachmentStore
def GetClassPaths
def GetConfigurationDirectory
def GetIds
def GetItem
def GetLabelComponents
def GetPath
def GetResource
def GetResourceClassNames
def GetResourceExtension
def GetResourceIds
def GetResourcePath
def GetRoot
def GetSubdirectories
def GetSuite
def GetSuiteExtension
def GetSuiteIds
def GetSuitePath
def GetTest
def GetTestClassNames
def GetTestExtension
def GetTestIds
def GetTestPath
def HasResource
def HasSuite
def HasTest
def IsModifiable
def IsValidLabel
def JoinLabels
def MakeDomDocument
def MakeDomElement
def RemoveExtension
def SplitLabel
def SplitLabelLeft
def Write
def WriteExtension

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list arguments
string kind = "database"
string RESOURCE = "resource"
string SUITE = "suite"
string TEST = "test"

Private Member Functions

def _GetLabelFromBasename
def _GetPathFromLabel
def _GetRelativeLabelPath
def _IsResourceFile
def _IsSuiteFile
def _IsTestFile

Private Attributes


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