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qm::test::web::web::QMTestServer Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for qm::test::web::web::QMTestServer:

qm::web::WebServer qm::web::HTTPServer

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Detailed Description

A 'QMTestServer' is the web GUI interface to QMTest.

Definition at line 1491 of file web.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def Bind
def CachePage
def GetCachedPage
def GetContext
def GetDatabase
def GetExpectedOutcomes
def GetHTMLClassForOutcome
def GetResultsStream
def GetServerAddress
def GetTemporaryAttachmentStore
def handle_error
def HandleClearResults
def HandleCreateSuite
def HandleDeleteItem
def HandleDeleteSuite
def HandleDir
def HandleEditContext
def HandleEditSuite
def HandleLoadContext
def HandleLoadExpectations
def HandleLoadResults
def HandleNewResource
def HandleNewSuite
def HandleNewTest
def HandleNoSessionError
def HandleRunTests
def HandleSaveContext
def HandleSaveExpectations
def HandleSaveResults
def HandleSetExpectation
def HandleShowItem
def HandleShowResult
def HandleShowResults
def HandleShowSuite
def HandleShutdown
def HandleStopTests
def HandleSubmitContext
def HandleSubmitContextFile
def HandleSubmitExpectation
def HandleSubmitExpectations
def HandleSubmitExpectationsForm
def HandleSubmitItem
def HandleSubmitResults
def HandleSubmitSuite
def IsScript
def LogMessage
def MakeButtonForCachedPopup
def MakeConfirmationDialog
def MakeNewResource
def MakeNewTest
def MakePopupDialog
def ProcessScript
def RegisterPathTranslation
def RegisterScript
def RequestShutdown
def Run
def server_bind
def TranslateRequest

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _ClosePopupAndRedirect
def _HandleRoot

Private Attributes


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