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qm::test::web::web::ShowItemPage Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for qm::test::web::web::ShowItemPage:

qm::test::web::web::QMTestPage qm::test::web::web::DefaultDtmlPage qm::web::DtmlPage

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Detailed Description

DTML page for showing and editing tests and resources.

Definition at line 931 of file web.py.

Public Member Functions

def __call__
def __init__
def __init__
def FormatFieldValue
def FormatId
def GenerateEndBody
def GenerateEndScript
def GenerateHtmlHeader
def GenerateStartBody
def GenerateStartScript
def GenerateXMLHeader
def GetBriefClassDescription
def GetClassDescription
def GetDatabase
def GetMainPageUrl
def GetName
def GetProgramName
def GetRefreshDelay
def GetServer
def GetTitle
def IsFinished
def MakeButton
def MakeDeleteScript
def MakeEditUrl
def MakeImageUrl
def MakeListingUrl
def MakeLoginForm
def MakeRule
def MakeRunUrl
def MakeShowUrl
def MakeSpacer
def MakeSubmitUrl
def UserIsInGroup
def WebRequest

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string common_javascript = "/common.js"
string html_generator = "QMTest"
string html_stylesheet = "/stylesheets/qm.css"
string qm_bug_system_url = "mailto:qmtest@codesourcery.com"

Private Attributes


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